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The Legend Magazine

Fall 2009


Watercolor Workshops
It's a mild summer morning, and twelve women are sitting in lawn chairs on the lush green grass of the Garden City Zoo. Their concentration is evident: they learn forward, lips parted, brows slightly furrowed, eyes focused intently on the man in front of them.


Operation Christmas Child
It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Christmas time again and 2009 is almost gone. Doesn’t it seem like we barely get out the pumpkins and fall décor and before we know it, the department and discount stores are putting out their Christmas decorations and goods for sale?


Beaux Arts Ball
Every culture has its parties and dances, but the most elegant of all in the Dodge City area will be the twelfth annual Beaux Arts Ball, to be held this year on Saturday, Oct. 3, from 6:30 p.m. to midnight at the Knights of Columbus Hall.


Grave Dowser
If it weren’t for Ray Wetzel, Robert McCanse, said to be the first settler in what is now Kinsley, in Edwards County, would be lying in an unmarked grave.


She's got game - year round
Donna Nelson-Atkins likes her work as athletic activities director at Liberal’s Parks & Recreation Department — the challenge of organizing extremely excited children into teams that play by the rules, the flurry of anticipation on sign-up day, the sound of the whistle when the game starts.


Hot Stuff for Christmas
It’s a hot, Indian-summer afternoon, and Amber Welch surveys the five-pallet delivery stacked on the grass a bit wearily. This is the fourth batch of goods received at the Amber Marie & Co. warehouse in a week, and cardboard-box towers have already created a maze inside the French doors behind her.


Teaming up to Fight Cancer
On Friday, October 30th, Ashland Health Center in Ashland, KS will be teaming up with Comanche County Hospital in Coldwater, KS to host a charity women’s basketball game.


Life with Bob the Beagle
“It’s Bob!”
That exclamation and a quick dog check usually indicates that Bob has given us the slip and is busy roaming the neighborhood. The two little girls across the street are Bob’s biggest fans and it is usually them who alert us with the cry of, “It’s Bob!”


Kitchen Comfort
Recipes by Kris Hughes



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