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The Legend Magazine

Fall 2010


Bucklin man, former sheep rancher, now builds sheepherder wagons
Maybe it’s that Americans have always preferred beef to lamb that accounts for the cowboy and his herd of dogies as an enduring symbol of the West.

But when it comes to rugged individualism, grit and the ability to endure loneliness and hardship, the West could just as easily be symbolized by shepherds, or sheepherders as they’re usually called, and their wooly flocks.


Quiet pleasures replace past at Arkalon Park
It’s Indian summer in Southwest Kansas, and the heat rises in hazy waves from the yucca-dotted landscape along U.S. Hwy. 54 east of Liberal. For the imaginative traveler, it’s easy to picture the grueling trek pioneers faced when no power lines or fences scored the circular horizon — a long, hot, journey across an often monotonous landscape.


Progressive Ag Safety
A hot dog sizzles on a mock power line, demonstrating the dangerous charge constantly running through the electrical grid. Nearby, children help pour grain into a device that demonstrates the explosive qualities of grain dust while outside, a specially marked yard stick points out how slow one’s reflexes can be in comparison to a lawnmower’s blade. Down the way, a cow grazes as its owner explains precautions that should be taken when spending time around large animals.


From Dreams to Reality: One Woman's History of
World War II
“For me, it was all so romantic: that girl who wrote all those letters to servicemen was going through a totally different war from the war stories I heard years later on those interview tapes. When I wrote those letters, all I was thinking of was those handsome young men in uniform. The things they had to go through, their fears of being killed, none of that was real to me then.”


More Bob the Beagle
Trick or Treat
October 31 2009 - Halloween is Bobby’s birthday and he will be turning two. The constant doorbell ringing from the visiting ghost and goblins had him somewhat stressed out. Bob, like me, does not particularly care for things that upset his normal routine. We are both creatures of habit and that is the way WE like it!


Soft Pretzels
Everybody loves those soft buttery mall pretzels. You know the ones, those soft, chewey, salty pieces of heaven.When you walk through the food court at the mall you watch all those overly energetic teenagers deftly rolling, twisting and shaping those monster pretzels and you JUST HAVE TO HAVE ONE! Well, living out in the middle of southwestern Kansas you can’t always have one of those fresh baked little beauties, so I did what I always do, I took to my kitchen.



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