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The Legend Magazine

Fall 2011


Entertaining Dodge City
Sometimes an idea hatches in the most unlikely circumstances.

During World War II, people who worked in hatcheries were considered an important part of the war effort on the home front. So they were "locked" until the war ended, unable to join the military even if they wanted to.

That's the situation Glen Cooper found himself in.



Neither Snow nor Rain nor Dark of Night...
Sometimes change comes slowly to Dodge City. Take, for example, the Dodge City Post Office; it has been in the present building for eighty years with a few alterations made now and then to accommodate new rules and regulations.

Dodge City has had seven post office sites since the first official one was located within the city limits - before that Fort Dodge was in charge of any mail for the new town. The buildings in which the early post offices resided are long gone, torn down during the Urban Renewal that removed Front Street. The first four buildings were practically sitting on top of what is now Wyatt Earp Boulevard.



Southwest Kansas' "Miracle on Ice"
Thirty one years ago many of us watched TV and cheered as a young, amateur USA Olympic hockey team defeated the world renowned and heavily favored Soviet team to bring home the Olympic gold medal in a game that will forever be known as "The Miracle on Ice". The entire country erupted in joy as those kids brought our national pride to a peak of excitement in Lake Placid. But did you ever ask yourself where those miraculous kids came from?



Fingerprint Undoes The Fleagle Gang
Among the desperadoes who terrorized the Great Plains during the Roaring '20s were a quartet of bank robbers and killers from Garden City known as the Fleagle Gang.

The gang – brothers Ralph and Jake Fleagle, Howard "Heavy" Royston and George Abshire – robbed banks in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and California for at least ten years, absconding with as much as $1 million, some of which is said to remain buried in Kansas and California to this day.

Their spectacular end involved a bank heist in Colorado, four killings, a hideout in the Ozarks, a single, tell-tale fingerprint, and an ex-moll who turned rat.



Hall of Fame Fiddler turns 100
You might say that Fred Voelker has fiddled his life away for 86 years.

Voelker, who at age 14 received what he calls "a cheap violin" from his adopted dad, fiddled his path to fame all the way to the National Fiddler Hall of Fame.

"I carried around that first fiddle in a burlap bag 'cause I didn't have a case for it," he recalled.



Animal Doctor's Life Never Boring
Veterinarian Dick Herbel heads to the exam room to take a look at a pet cat whose owner is concerned about the animal's loss of appetite and thinning hair. It's a Thursday morning, and the owner of Kansas Avenue Veterinary Clinic in Liberal is rapidly approaching the 70-hour mark for time worked on the average week.

"This is not your regular 40-hour kind of job," Herbel said. "A lot of it revolves around emergencies and walk-in patients. It's never boring. Every day, you learn something about people, animals, medicine."

WEPAC: They Pack the House for Women's Health
Sometimes great things happen when we least expect it: a quick idea makes a big difference, a single step takes us in a new direction, an unexpected but unified action changes lives.

Such was the case when Joe Labelle, a young Ashland man, in mourning after his grandmother died from breast cancer, suggested that good health care was too costly and inaccessible for women in rural Southwest Kansas.  Why not help them out, he reasoned.  How about having a basketball game and donating proceeds from that game to bring better services to women like his grandmother?


Bob the Beagle
Bob's Cat, Lucy

Revenge of the Calico Cat
Recall how the cat, Lucy, would sit on the garage side of the doggy door and swipe at Bob as he tried to come inside? I thought it was her idea of devious fun, but there is more to this story than first told. There she is sitting by the back door and whenever Bob makes an attempt to poke his nose through the flap she takes a swing at him. Beagle Boy is always up for some fun but this game is rapidly becoming annoying. Bobby is so much better at giving than he is at receiving. Being quick on the uptake, he soon quits trying. We thought it was somewhat strange that he was barking to come in the house from the patio and not from his usual place in the garage. That is until we discovered this wicked little diversion that Lucy had cooked up. It's her version of Whac-A-Mole but she using a Beagle instead of a Hasbro mole.



Pets with Perks
Roughly six months ago I embarked on a new journey, chicken ownership. Little did I realize what a roller coaster ride this would become. I had contemplated getting some for years because the land I live on came with a sizable coop that was in need of some repair and all the feeders one might need.



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