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The Legend Magazine

Fall 2013


Kansas Beekeepers fret over future of bees
If you've never witnessed the birth of a honey bee, as my husband Dave and I have, you haven't really lived!

In a field west of Larned, beekeeper Jim Kellie proudly showed us a portion of a hive on which bees hovered like anxious aunties near a baby bee squirming and struggling to escape from its encasement in the capped cell in which Mama Queen laid her egg.



Hotel Register Captures Early Kansas History
Kathleen Holt, owner of the historic Cimarron Hotel on Main Street, Cimarron, Kansas, has spent 30 years sharing stories and making friendships with people from all over the world when they have come knocking at her door, looking for a hot meal and a room for the night. Holt will be the first person to admit, that although she's naturally a people person, it's the old hotel itself which draws such interesting individuals into her life, something it's done for others since it opened, as its guest register can attest.



Meet Toast(er)master Wayne Konkel
Not many people think about toasters.

A toaster is, well . . .a toaster. You stick a slice of bread in the slot, press the lever down and a minute or so later, you have toast, ready to spread with butter and jam.

If the toaster goes kaflooie, you throw it out and buy a new one.

Wayne Konkel, who lives in Pratt but whose family is rooted in Kiowa County, does think about toasters.

He thinks so much about toasters that he has more than 200 of them.



Friendship in the heart of Indian Territory
Liberal oil man Don Rash spent the last 50 years building up Rash Oil Company and running the service station that greets visitors who come into town from east Highway 54. He's known as a mover and shaker in local politics, having served as Seward County Commissioner and participated in key community projects — Southwest Medical Center, the county activity center, Coronado Museum and more.



Slumbering Giants
Founded in 1929, the Dodge Theater was a state-of-the-art picture house/live theater that continued the Queen of the Cowtown's already storied history of arts and entertainment in the old west. It boasted the newest films coming out of Hollywood to the little cowtown on the western edge of nowhere.



Dodge City's Water History
Turn a valve and water gushes forth! Or better yet, press a lever on a refrigerator door and ice-cold water fills a glass. The number of people who remember what it was like to go outside and pump for household water is diminishing. Today's youth are accustomed to daily bathing, swimming pools, refrigerated water and lawn sprinklers that come on automatically. We have acquired a conditioned response to thirst - turn a tap, fill a glass, easy and done without a thought.


Bob the Beagle

The Mysterious Evil Whirly-gig
Bob's favorite person, That Girl, (our granddaughter), came home with a whirly-gig. The whirly-gig looks like a giant blue jay that is about 3 foot long and 2 feet high. It mounts on a 5 foot fiberglass rod which allows it to turn into the wind as the wings go round and round.



Gina's Kitchen

Horseradish - Crusted Beef Tenderloin



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