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The Legend Magazine

Spring 2009


Lighthouse on the Prairie
Though small in size Barclay College has made its influence known throughout the world. The college is located in Haviland Kansas on a 20-acre campus with 7 major buildings. It has sent out over one hundred missionaries to 33 countries from many different mission boards. You may view the missionaries’ pictures and the country in which they served on the college website under the title, “The Great Commission Showcase.”


Ghosts from our Past
Of the oldest town in Edwards County, few vestiges remain except the base of a grain elevator along Highway 56.

And three unmarked graves.


A Chocolate Affair to Die For
It’s a chocoholic’s fantasy come true: all the chocolate desserts you can eat in a two-hour span from a two-table buffet for a few dollars.


Off the Beaten Track
With Interstate 70 to the north and U.S. Highway 50/400 to the south, most travelers in Western Kansas rush through, perhaps stopping briefly at Old Fort Hays or Dodge City’s Boot Hill, often assuming that those are the only options for a “history fix” in this desolate section of the country.


Community Center Provides Weekend Entertainment for Youth
Colored lights dazzle above a black and white checkered dance floor, waiting the evening’s first arrival. Across the room, three pool tables sit ready for play, while a volunteer readies the blender for the first Strawberry Delight or Prather Pride request.


Jetmore Accomodates
As small towns across the midwest struggle to survive, citizens often pull together to bring a needed business to town. Whether it’s a grocery store, restaurant, or convenience store, some forms of retail remain essential to small town life.


Marking the Santa Fe Trail
In 1902 the Daughters of the American Revolution in Kansas undertook an ambitious project - to mark the old Santa Fe Trail across their state. It took them five years to plan, initiate and complete their part of the project. Placement of the ninety-six red granite markers was finished several years afterward as each county worked to complete their part. The entire process was recorded by a newly elected historian and later became a book published in 1915, The Marking of the Santa Fe Trail by Mrs. T. A. Cordry. The slim blue volume can be found hidden in the Kansas history sections of libraries all across the state.


They Lived to Tell
Since last autumn, Americans have heard ominous phrases like “recession,” “economic downturn” and “Great Depression” almost daily. The prospect of unemployment, foreclosure and a cost of living that keeps inching higher is nothing to laugh about. Still, some Kansans view the current situation from a vantage point that puts the notion of difficulty in perspective.


Let Them Eat Cake... or Snails
Mike Brack remembers the day he got his first taste of the pleasure of cooking. He’d agreed to bring a cake to school for his third-grade class — but forgotten to tell his mother ahead of time.


Life with Bob the Beagle
Few things in this world are more heartwarming than a basketful of Beagle puppies. Their noses are still stubby but the floppy ears, sparkling big brown eyes, large round paws combined with the black, tan and white spots and freckles make these little darlings irresistible. If a cuddly little Beagle puppy snuggling his nose into the crook of your arm doesn’t tug at your heartstrings you may want to consider an emergency visit to your heart doctor.


Date Night Food
Penne Alfredo with Shrimp



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