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Spring 2010

More Bob the Beagle


by Pat Hamit

Sibling Rivalry:
Bob has a cat and the cat is not happy about that! Actually she is my cat and she is the best dog I’ve ever had. Lucy, the cat, follows me around the yard as I do my regular outdoor chores. She keeps me company when I’m working on a project. She never fails to come when I whistle for her. Sometimes it takes her awhile, it has to be in her time because she is a cat, but she always shows up when she’s called, sooner or later. Kind of reminds me of Bob’s pack leader. Everybody says that dogs have masters and cats have a staff and that about sums it up.

Lucy the cat is almost Bobby’s equal size wise. She tips the scales at about 30 pounds. As a kitten she was raised with two bull dog puppies. In other words she was their chew toy. As a result of this youthful trauma she is not afraid of any dog regardless of size or disposition. As a survival tool, all animals, including humans, have the “flight or fight” instinct. Lucy seems to be missing the flight part of that equation. The feisty feline has backed down every dog in the neighborhood. She has sent more than one nosey hound home licking his wounds. Most all of neighborhood dogs have been frustrated by Lucy’s, “come on and get some, that’s right sucker, I’m talking to you” attitude.

Lucy is an outdoor cat and she lives in the garage. Her life’s goal is to become a house cat. Well that ain’t happening. She is a self propelled hairball and trails a stream of hair wherever she goes. As if Bob isn’t a big enough cross for her to bear, the fact that he somehow achieved VIP status upon arrival and lives in the house is a bitter pill that she has never quite swallowed. This whole Bob thing has really turned the pecking order of the favored animal status upside down for this grouchy cat.

For the life of him, the Bobster can’t figure out why the cat won’t play with him. All he wants to do is run, romp and wrestle with the cat but she’s having none of that, zero, zip, nada! This sounds a lot like my high school days love life. You can tell by her expression that she thinks he is an idiot and refuses to acknowledge his presence on this earth. It is obvious that Lucy is disgusted with the Bobmiester’s lack of dignity and he apparently is clueless that she is in fact royalty. After all, doesn’t the queen of the garage deserve a little bit of respect for crying out loud?

Lucy’s idea of playing with Mr. B. involves the outside doggie door. She sits on the garage side of the door and bats at him whenever he sticks his nose through the flap to come inside. Because Bob is persistent, Lucy’s game will go on until she becomes bored with teasing Beagle Boy and finally lets him in. Her little sport has made Bob somewhat gun shy about using the doggie door. This interactive animal diversion is something you have to see to believe and I promise you’ll laugh until your sides hurt. I’ve wondered for some time why Bobby was barking to come in from the patio and wasn’t using the doggie door, now I know. When he uses the doggie door he proceeds with caution and who can blame him. You never know where that evil bushwhacking cat is going to show up.

It’s Bob – Part Deux
Bob was being kenneled for a couple days at the local vet-shop. He doesn’t mind going there especially if one or more of his Beagle buddies have checked in. It’s like the Beagle boys are having a sleep over. You can only imagine the decibel levels at the kennel when one or more Beagle is in the house. It would be like discovering that the rock band AC-DC has the hotel room next to yours.

When I take him, I take him off the leash upon entering the clinic and Bob just trots back to the kennel area and waits to be shown to his room. The Pack Leader, my wife, had him this time and while waiting her turn, she was visiting with a lady purchasing supplies for her pet. The lady noticed that my wife had a Beagle on the leash and commented about keeping up with the escapades of Bob the Beagle. My wife could not refrain from telling the lady that this IS the Bobster himself, in person. Well, you would have thought she just saw Elvis. “It’s BOB!” she exclaimed and then called her mother on her cell phone to report the Bob sighting.

Not long after the Elvis sighting incident I noticed a car driving up our street suspiciously slow. Intrigued by slow pace I kept my eye on the car. Then the car stopped in front of our house. The right side window rolled down and I heard a voice say, “We want to see your dog.” It turns out to be friends who I haven’t seen in years. I didn’t know they still lived in town. They seemed to have joined the FOB Club (Friends of Bob) and decided to go see the howling hound for themselves. Like some kind of a goofball, I’m trying to catch-up on old times with these friends but they’re more interested in Mr. B. Well yeah, what was I thinking anyhow?

Early on in this Beagle thing my wife and I were always a little taken back when something like this happened but we’re starting to get used to it. Of course Bob is very nonchalant in keeping with his rock star persona.


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