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The Legend Magazine

Spring 2010


Building Mixers for the World
Most of us would have no reason to visit the offices and manufacturing plant of Roto-Mix LLC in Dodge City, but this unassuming structure hidden down the hill south of east Wyatt Earp Boulevard houses one of the top agricultural service businesses in the country.


Spearville Mercantile
In December of 1877, the telegraph in Spearville received a message that 114 German families would arrive soon from Cincinnati to occupy lands they had purchased in Ford County.


Lake Scott State Park
For about ten years, visitors to the Kansas state parks and wildlife areas have been able to rent cabins to stay in. Sometime this Spring there will be two new modern cabins available for rent at Lake Scott State Park, about 10 miles north of Scott City. One cabin, called the Navajo, was constructed last fall and has been available for rent for several months. Weather has delayed finishing the Taos cabin, but park officials expect it to be ready as early as mid-April.


Greeley County Fair
Greeley County’s home-owned carnival is an invaluable asset to the local community.  Each year during the Greeley County Fair, children and adults gather there, eager to take a ride on the Ferris wheel, enjoy a few loops on the roller coaster, or try their hands at Plinko or the duck pond.  While children run freely from one experience to another, adults gather over a hamburger or cotton candy, catching up with old friends and remembering the days when they, too, romped at the carnival without a care.  Local community members operate the carnival’s eight rides and concession counter, keeping an eye out for the safety and security of every child.


Kiowa County United
The future of Greensburg, in the aftermath of the EF-5 tornado that obliterated the town on May 4, 2007, was by no means certain. Indeed, gazing at the mountains of wreckage, many wondered if Greensburg even had a future.


Montezuma Mills
What started out as a warm memory of the things his grandparents used to do has become a present-day reality for Robbie Yost, owner of Montezuma Mills, southwest of Montezuma.


A Country Lawyer
Jack Dalton of Dodge City was the first attorney in Kansas to try a case in which in-court photography was included, and now he has written a novel about the experiences of a country lawyer.


Books, Family, Home
Sometimes, visitors to the Seward County Community College/Area Technical School library are not interested in study or research. They want something outside the realm of academia — a movie, maybe. Or a magazine. Or recreational reading.


More Life with Bob the Beagle
Sibling Rivalry:
Bob has a cat and the cat is not happy about that! Actually she is my cat and she is the best dog I’ve ever had. Lucy, the cat, follows me around the yard as I do my regular outdoor chores. She keeps me company when I’m working on a project. She never fails to come when I whistle for her. Sometimes it takes her awhile, it has to be in her time because she is a cat, but she always shows up when she’s called, sooner or later. Kind of reminds me of Bob’s pack leader. Everybody says that dogs have masters and cats have a staff and that about sums it up.


Craving Alert
Green Chile Enchiladas



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