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The Legend Magazine

Spring 2011


Satanta Arts Council
Across Kansas, arts lovers winced as the news that budget tightening would do away with the Kansas Arts Commission. Yet the news was met with unusual calm in Satanta, where the town's arts council views trouble as something people should aim to overcome.



Evolutionary News
Bob Weidenheimer has a boil. Mrs. Beezley has an infected fingernail but it is coming along fine.
* * *
The wrens in Mrs. Boyd's pear tree are raising their third family.
* * *
Gladys Iserman and Sue Abraham have canned 32 pints of sweet corn. Both the Isermans and Abrahams have enjoyed eating the corn from their garden which they think is the finest they ever tasted.
--- items from The Quality Park News



Dodge City by Lamplight
Once established and recognized as an incorporated town by the state of Kansas, Dodge City began to develop a dual personality. In its first few years of existence, it was little more than a primitive outpost, a rough and dangerous place where soldiers from the fort five miles away could come for a drink or two and where buffalo hunters came to buy supplies and sell hides - and have a drink. The railroad established, it became a shipping point for hides and a short time later, cattle. It was not a place for wives and families.



Big City Taste
When Spencer Browne's customers walk into the glass-fronted coffee shop in Liberal, it's easy to see why they might feel they've stepped through a portal to an urban establishment. A curved-front glass case displays handmade chocolates, freshly-baked pastries — and sushi. The rich aroma of fresh espresso coffee permeates the air. Patrons perch on bar stools or lounge in cushiony arm chairs, laptops aglow with wi-fi data.



42 Years of Service
The Most Rev. Ronald Michael Gilmore probably is the only bishop in the world today who was born on his grandmother's kitchen table.



Golf as Metaphor for Life
Small Western Kansas towns don't normally get much news coverage, so it's pretty impressive when a town the size of Cimarron (1,934 in the 2000 census) attracts the attention of an international organization. It's even more impressive to see what happens next.


Bob the Beagle
Bob Sells Out
Oh no, here we go again. She isn't going to give up, is she?
That is the question that keeps rambling around in both of our minds. Sometimes I wish Bob was human so that he and I could communicate on a somewhat higher level. It's not that I am seeking to impart or receive any tidbits of wisdom, but rather it would be nice to just help this dog understand that this situation is not going to go away. He might as well suck it up, give in and get it over with. Is that the voice of experience? You'll have to decide for yourself.



Spicy Chicken Jalapeño Rolls
I love spicy food! It warms me up on a cold night and makes me sweat. This time of year when the weather is teasing us with 70 degrees one day and negative 20 the next this dish reminds me that Spring is on the way and that I will survive another cold night and wait patiently for Spring. The flavors remind me of Summer and all my favorite things to pick out of the garden. Also this dish is one of the best for having company over as you can make it well in advance and bake when you are ready or even freeze them for a later date. You can switch out the jalapeño for a pablano or even a green pepper if you can't stand the heat but I have actually been known to shake a little cayenne on the insides before I roll them up for some added heat. They end up tasting juicy, succulent, and have a deep smoky factor from the bacon.



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