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The Legend Magazine

Spring 2012


K-96 June Jaunt
Eight communities in seven counties will host the K-96 June Jaunt June 1-3, 2012. These communities along Kansas Highway 96 are preparing to show the world just why they are a great place to visit, with events and attractions for visitors of every age. The Jaunt will focus on arts and antiques, crafts, cuisine, music and more.



Stepping Outside The box
If you're looking for someone with a positive outlook on the future of Southwest Kansas, just stand on the corner of Main Street and Highway 50 in Cimarron, where you will be likely to meet Jim Coast, pharmacist and owner of Clark Pharmacy.



Down at the Longbranch Saloon
The arts community in Dodge City has been blessed with many outstanding performers throughout the years dating all the way back to its beginnings with Chalkley Beeson and the Dodge City Cowboy Band. Mr. Beeson was an early owner of the Long Branch Saloon and his saloon boasted musical entertainment in addition to the normal saloon fare. When the Boot Hill Jaycees embarked on a reconstruction of Front Street in 1958 based on photographs of the day, the Long Branch Saloon was reborn. And while the reconstructed saloon was not designed to be a performance space, local optometrist Lewis Mock and his talented wife Rosemary saw an opportunity. They approached the board of the Museum about putting together a saloon show in the Long Branch. It would be a period piece, over the 4th of July weekend, and would include Dr. Mock playing his signature ragtime piano, the first troupe of Long Branch Can-Can dancers and Mrs. Mock would host the show portraying Dora Hand.



Small Places doing Big Things
We've all heard the cliché, dynamite comes in small packages, well, big things are happening in small places. A town of 700, Tribune, is rallying around a local mom and housewife, Shelli Miller.



Musician Mike Benish
From the day that his mom, Annette, and his dad, John, carried their adopted baby to their farm seven miles north of Spearville, the town and his family have been proud of Mike Benish.



Cast Iron Seats
Experts say the most common things collected by collectors are stamps, coins, matchbooks and post cards - things that are relatively light and can be placed in albums or small boxes and displayed easily.
That would be far too easy for Hugoton resident Erwin Hancock, for Hancock collects cast-iron seats from horse-drawn, pre-20th century farm equipment which can weigh as much as 60 pounds.



Knudsen delivers 14,000 Plus Babies
Having the ability to touch someone's life in a positive way is a great experience for those who can have that claim to fame, but, what about hundreds or even thousands of lives? One local physician can say he has done just that – literally.

Dr. Dennis Knudsen hit a milestone in his career by delivering baby number 14,000 at Southwest Medical Center.



Health and Well Being
In Greensburg Kansas on the evening of May 4, 2007, little did I know that my 30+ years of Public Health was about to take on a whole new focus. As we came out of our basements and saw most everything around us destroyed by a tornado, we couldn't believe what had happened. I spent the night helping to see that those who were injured got the medical care they needed while others mostly needed the reassurance that they were going to be ok. As the night progressed people were coming and going but the realization that ALL of our community had been destroyed still was more than our minds could believe.



Economic Development
When Greensburg and Kiowa County residents decided to rebuild after the tornado, they knew they had to do things differently. After years of having a declining population, they knew they couldn't just let things stay stagnant. They wanted to become the model for how rural America can try things in new ways and thus the decision was made to become a "living laboratory" for asset-based sustainability. That is not to say what some people call "green", but rather using our natural resources and abilities in our area to grow a town that is economically viable and sustainable for now and for future generations.



Kiowa County Media Center
As the high school band strikes up the fight song, fans come to their feet in the gym while others tune in at home and the announcer begins his broadcast: "Live from Maverick Nation in Greensburg, KS—it's time for varsity basketball, brought to you on by the Kiowa County Media Center."



Stairway in the Air
"It'll be a marvel, just like the Big Well itself was back in the 1880s when it was dug. I think this building will be an engineering marvel."

Roger Brown, design architect with Law/Kingdon Architects of Kansas City, believes that the new Big Well Museum in Greensburg will reflect and represent the "pioneer engineering marvel" that newspapers of the day called the Big Well, as it came to be known.



New Community Gathering Place
Imagine a community gathering place that opens it doors to a high school one-act play festival on a live-performance stage on one day and entertains an audience with a first-run movie in TXH surround sound the next. Better still, imagine the same scenario followed by a "Recovery Summit" including emergency planning personnel, FEMA experts, and Greensburg recovery panelists – streamed live from a broadcast-ready conference and convention center. You have just imagined the new Twilight Theatre and Community Auditorium in Greensburg, KS.



Personal Experiences
Judi Kirk, Scott and Susan Reinecke and Bubby and Linaka Probst


Bob the Beagle

It's a dog-gone mess around here
The Bobmiester is a lot like me. If nothing else, we are set in our ways and not at all happy when anything around the house or the yard is topsy-turvy. Both of us are learning to cope with only a minimum of whining as things at our house have not been normal for awhile now.



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