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Spring 2012

Personal Experiences

Judi Kirk
As our world came hurdling down around us, we crawled out of the rubble and made our way down a path we had never walked before. An old Chinese proverb says a path is formed by walking the ground generation, after generation, after generation. Ours was a path of victory and purpose like we had never seen before. 5-4-07 was a turning point in all of our lives marked by many amazing experiences. One of my favorites was the first lighted Christmas parade. The night was magical and strewn with excitement. We draped the bank pick-up with LED lights and headed for the parking lot of the temporary gym at the school to find our place in the parade line-up. The parking lot was full of anticipation as people walked from entry to entry with warm greetings and hugs. As the procession began, the magic fell. I watched the first few displays with their beautiful lights cut through the pitch dark, worming their way down Main Street. There were no buildings to block the view and no street lights to pale the lights on the floats. It was like witnessing the blackness that had fallen, being rent in two by a long line of determined people bearing light to the world and saying we are still here. As we fell in line and turned onto Main there were people on both sides of the street in jubilant excitement. An occasional hello echoed back and forth between watchers and participants. I began to cry and never stopped all the way through. Do you know how hard it is to throw candy and cry at the same time????When we got to the highway, there was reverent respect from the traffic stopped to let us pass. No one hurried, no one worried that we were taking too much time. We all just basked in the moment of unity, family, and belonging. We finished the route at Faith Tabernacle Church, where there were more hugs and greetings. Suddenly Christmas Carols began to emerge. The beauty of the music was warming us to the core. Thank you Lord, for family. Thank you Lord, for friends and neighbors. We were now prepared to keep forging the way down the unseen path ahead, together, united, arm in arm, warmed by love and hope. How do you make a path for future generations? One step at a time, one obstacle at a time, one decision at a time. How do you begin a path for future generations? One parade, one event, one victory at a time!


Our story
Scott and Susan Reinecke
Studio 54 Stained Glass

Studio 54 Stained Glass was born out of the devastation from the tornado of May 4, 2007, that destroyed 95% of the town of Greensburg, Kansas. Having lost our previous businesses to the tornado, we decided to follow our retirement dream of opening a stained glass studio. Our new studio began in a 12 foot by 16 foot storage barn in November of 2007. Over the last five years our studio has occupied four different locations including the storage barn, a mobile home donated to the City, and the City of Greensburg Sun Chips Business Incubator building. Our current location is in the Kiowa County United retail center on the corner of Highway 54 and Main Street at 106 S. Main Street.

Scott is the stained glass artist. He can create stained glass pieces from as small as sun catchers to large custom home or church stained glass projects. One of Scott's favorite specialties is portraits. Scott loves to custom design portraits of people, animals, and landscapes.

Susan is the warm glass artist. Susan designs glass art pieces that involve firing her creations in a kiln. Susan's work includes jewelry, decorative bowls, tiles, wall hangings, slumped bottles and more. Our glass art has found homes all across the U.S. and in many countries around the world.

We have recently begun to give classes. Currently, we are offering stained glass classes in our studio, usually on Saturdays. Check our website,; our Facebook page, Studio 54 Glass; flyers; or by phone, 620-723-2511, for a schedule of upcoming classes and to reserve your spot in a class.

In addition to our custom art, we carry other forms of glass art, such as blown glass vases from Azerbaijan, Russia, and painted glass panels and vases, delicate hand painted ornaments from the Czech Republic, and blown glass art from other sources. We also carry a wide variety of other unique products like kites, leaf lamps made with real leaves from the Philippines, pottery, Life is good! products and apparel, world famous Butt Waxx, handbags, and more.

We cordially invite you to visit Studio 54 Stained Glass for a truly unique shopping experience!

Our Story
Buddy and Linaka Probst

If you would have told me 8 or 9 years ago that I would end up back in Kansas, I probably would have called you crazy or something. I absolutely hate wind and I loved the City Life! But here WE are… Living in the windiest state there is and in a very small community. And I wouldn't change it now! (But I still don't care much for the wind)

In September of 2009, my husband (at that time we weren't married yet) Buddy Probst moved to Amarillo, Texas where I had been living for almost 7 years. After searching and searching for a job there, Buddy had no luck. I was running my store in Amarillo called Mackie Shae Boutique. With the high cost of living in a big place, we knew we needed to do something; living on one income was not going to cut it. Buddy began looking in the High Plains Journal for jobs and I will never forget the evening when he said "Well Honey, you wanna move to Iowa or Kansas?" WOW! A Move? Iowa was out of the question for it was way too far away from my family, so I immediately said "Kansas!" Buddy read me the ad for the job, and he called the farmer needing help. We traveled to Greensburg in January of 2010 for the interview and went home full of excitement! Driving around Greensburg was like driving around nowhere I had ever been… It was new, there were no trees, and as I often say "it was the busiest little town I had ever been in." Oh, and there was ONE open store front in the new Kiowa County United Building that was being built on Main Street. Coincidence? A place for Mackie Shae Boutique to move too! When we got the call from Ki Gamble that they wanted Buddy to come work for him, there was no question as to if we were going to accept the offer or not. We packed up and hit the road! Well, after 6 trips from Texas to Kansas, we were finally moved! It's funny how things fall into place! Buddy needed a job, I had a place to move my shop into, we had a nice community to raise a family, a GREAT school for our children to go to, and the Gamble family had welcomed us just as we were family!

Greensburg is home now! We got married here in October of 2010. We purchased our first home together here in April of 2011. Our oldest daughter, Blakelea Shae attends Pre-School at the Kiowa County School. We have another little Maverick in training, Bentley Belle who will be a year old in July. Buddy works for Gamble Farms and I run my shop, Mackie Shae Boutique.

So, when I look back at how much our lives have changed in the past two years of living in Greensburg, I smile because I now know this is where I am supposed to be. It's not the city life; it is just a very busy small town life! Greensburg has and is opening our eyes to so many things and we couldn't be happier to be a part of this growing community. We love all the new ideas and goals this town has and back them 110%.


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