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The Legend Magazine

Summer 09


150th Anniversary of Fort Larned
In any consideration of how the West was won, Fort Larned should loom large.


Shalee Lehning - A Hometown Legend
In a world filled with tragic news, horrific headlines and negative role models; people like Shalee Lehning stand out like a beacon in the darkness.


Art Center keeps the old, welcomes the new
When Baker Arts Center director Adriane Hatcher arrived in Liberal last spring, she was ready for a change.


Ulysses Celebrates its Centennial
In December of 1908 there was a short notice in the Grant County Republican stating that “The United Order of Sackholders Met One Night This Week to Discuss a Matter of Grave Importance.”


Pride - More than an emotion
It is Saturday morning, and a young mother walks through Saks on Broadway, picking up a shirt for herself, pulling out a toy for her child, and picking up a few books from the 25 cent shelves.


Digging up my Kansas Roots
“There is a history in all men’s lives.” – William Shakespeare

While I had traveled across Kansas many times earlier times in my life, it was not until January 8th, 1984 that my job brought me to Dodge City to live.


Wife, mother, watercolorist: Art of Living
When the job offer came, a world of color, light and possibility spread out before the young college graduate. Working for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City was an art major’s dream.


Meet Mary Spurgeon
Tourists who visit the 8-foot statue of Wyatt Earp on the Trail of Fame in Dodge City this summer may be surprised to learn that the woman who sculpted the likeness of the famed lawman was 86-years-old when she finished it.


Lane County's Pioneer Women
The first settlers in Lane County, in the west-central part of Kansas, arrived in 1878. Most came eager to start a new life on a new portion of the frontier, but many did not expect what they found, never-ending prairie, unceasing winds, long distances to neighbors, and primitive living conditions. The women especially were not prepared, based on their previous lives back east.


Calvin Reimer
Spring is the time of year when many students complete their college education and start looking towards the future.


Life with Bob the Beagle
The rest of the story
While I suspect that Bobby might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer he is far from stupid. He has a unique ability to learn. It has to be in his time, at his speed and it helps if the activity is entertaining. It can be disconcerting to learn that you have something in common with your dog.


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road
Recipes by Kris Hughes
To spice up our lives, no doubt!



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