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The Legend Magazine

Summer 2010


Greeley County Veterans Memorial
Rays of sunlight filtered through the trees overhead as WWII and Korean War Veterans removed the tarp to unveil the monument at Greeley County’s Veterans Memorial, dedicated May 1, 2010. A collective “ahh…” was heard throughout the crowd as those present shared their pleasure at the black marble stone engraved with colorful emblems of the five branches of our country’s military service.


A Unique Opportunity for Special Events
Southwest Kansas may be different from other places in many ways — barbed wire rather than picket fences, oil rigs instead of light houses — but people everywhere share a desire to mark life’s milestones. Usually, that involves food, family, friends and a gathering spot where guests can toast the bride and groom, sing “Happy Birthday” or honor a graduate.


Two Elk Lodge
The Two Elk Lodge – named for two giant elk heads that peer down at diners from the breakfast room wall – is gaining a national reputation among hunters and will be featured in an upcoming nationally televised sportsmen’s show.


Fiddle or Violin, Academy Makes Music
It doesn’t meet in a conservatory or traditional studio, but when String Academy of the Plains is in session, all you notice is the music. For two years, former Boston Pops Orchestra violinist Dr. Priscilla Hallberg has taken her music instruction show on the road from her base in Garden City to workshop sites in Satanta and Sublette.


55 Years of Gunsmoke
The TV show “GUNSMOKE” stands as the longest running western of all time. The premier was introduced by John Wayne on September 10th, 1955 and the show finally closed in 1975. It made Dodge City, Kansas a household word across the United States and many other countries and that notoriety continues today some 35 years after the last episode aired. In fact, “Dodge City” is the second most recognized city name in the world – right behind Paris France!


Patchwork of Dependency
Joan Weaver and Rosetta Graff aren’t exactly reinventing the small town public library, just… well, reinterpreting it.

SW Kansas & The Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl oral history interviews were completed in 1998 by an intern of the Ford County Historical Society, Brandon Case, a Masters in History student at Fort Hays State University. The organization of the project was started by Ann Warner, FCHS board member. Dr. Lynn H. Nelson, Professor Emeritus, History, University of Kansas, guided us on the editing of the interviews. The transcription of the interviews was paid by a Kansas Humanities Council grant and completed by Erica Land. Web site formatting was done by George Laughead. All the interviews can be found at:

More Life with Bob the Beagle
Can’t Make a Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear
Most all of our friends have dogs. Just like their humans, they all have different personalities, traits and talent.


Pizza on the Grill Made Easy
Pizza on the grill has always fascinated me. I love pizza in any form but I tend not to make it much in the summer because I’m not exactly thrilled about cranking up my oven when it’s already plenty warm in the house. Therefore pizza on the grill seemed like an excellent option to making home made pizza in the hot summer months.



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