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Summer 2011

Campers, Cowboys and other Hungry People

by Kris Hughes

I grew up outdoors. I grew up among hunters, campers, and cowboys. We always camped out during the summer and always cooked out while we were doing it . We were not a bunch of people eating cold sandwiches and beans out of a can just because we didn't have a full kitchen at our disposal. We were hungry! And we all knew how to cook. Our breakfast consisted of " Cowboy Hash" as we called it. I really don't know if cowboys ate this or not but if they did, chalk another one up for the cowboys. They are just full of good ideas!

Dad and his hunting buddies would always start with five or six slices of bacon in a pan and slowly cook 'em down. When the bacon was done we would put in chopped potatoes and let them cook for a few minutes while they chopped up some onion, and maybe some green pepper. Then came the other meats, they could vary from sausage to deer steak. Whatever was in the coolers could easily end up in the pan. When that was all cooked up if we were lucky one of the guys would have fresh eggs to add to the pan . Then we would grab a tortilla and dig in! We still do it every time we camp. It is still just that good.

Since that isn't really a recipe. I'm going to give you one I'm pretty fond of, a new twist on an old classic. Great side dish for camping or grilling on the back porch. Added bonus, really easy clean up.

6 slices of bacon
6 small to medium potatoes
1 large onion
1/2 tsp garlic salt
pepper to taste
6 pieces of tin foil

Put one slice of bacon on top of a piece of foil add one potato chopped into medium sized chunks. Top with a small handful of onion also chopped into medium chunks as well. Top with garlic salt and pepper . Take the two long sides of the aluminum and pull them together, fold them down twice or three times, then roll up the ends of the foil until you have a tight packet. NOW HERE IS THE TRICK! Put them on a really low grill. Like 160 to 170 degrees and leave them there for about an hour. They will be soft and buttery as they steam in there own juices. Awesome.


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