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The Legend Magazine

Summer 2011


View of the Past
It's easy to drive across the western half of Kansas with the vague idea that the region is one vast horizontal expanse of grass, with an equally vast bowl of sky above. Yet in its southwesternmost corner, Kansas offers a triple treat — three ecosystems, a chance to hop through history, and — always a hit in this part of the state — trees and water.



It's time to GEEK
I've been laboring under some misconceptions:
(1) That the word GEEK is a noun, meaning someone weird, maybe even a nerd.
(2) That public libraries are in the business of checking out books.
Well, okay, maybe my misconceptions are not total, complete misconceptions. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that my knowledge just needs updating. And if that's true, then perhaps I'm not the only one out there whose knowledge could use an overhaul.



Showdown on the Plains
Gravity-defying aerobatics, cooked-to-perfection barbeque cuts, $7,500 in prize money and plenty of kid friendly activities are going to make the 2011 Showdown on the Plains BBQ Challenge & Air Show a fun-filled event for the whole family. Set for September 9th-10th at the Scott City Municipal Airport in Scott City, Kan., the 2nd annual Showdown shouldn't be missed!



Adventures on a Motorcycle
We all know Kansas has 105 counties, but do you know anyone whose visited every county, seated on a motorcycle? Well let me introduce you to Lane and Mary Bartholomew of Dodge City.



First Class of Peace Corps
Back in the early 1960s, some Americans were starting to worry about what the rest of the world thought of us.
This was the era of "the ugly American," the supposedly boorish, arrogant Yank lording it over the locals in foreign countries, and denunciations of "Yankee imperialism" by inflamed mobs in Asia, Africa and South America.



Photographer publishes collection of Photos
Photographer Troy Robinson has documented a long span of the history of Dodge City in his new book People and Places of Dodge City.

Bob the Beagle
The Annual 4th of July Parade
For years now, the neighbors up the street have organized a neighborhood 4th of July parade and block party. Everyone living on the two block long street looks forward to this annual event. It has become a tradition.



Campers, Cowboys and other hungry people
I grew up outdoors. I grew up among hunters, campers, and cowboys. We always camped out during the summer and always cooked out while we were doing it . We were not a bunch of people eating cold sandwiches and beans out of a can just because we didn't have a full kitchen at our disposal. We were hungry! And we all knew how to cook. Our breakfast consisted of " Cowboy Hash" as we called it. I really don't know if cowboys ate this or not but if they did, chalk another one up for the cowboys. They are just full of good ideas!



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