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The Legend Magazine

Summer 2012


Communities work together to bring modern entertainment to rural area
Tribune's Star Theater and Sharon Springs' Strand Theater recently purchased new digital movie systems with screens, sound systems, and 3-D capabilities. On the brink of shutting down because of dilapidated equipment, these two movie theaters in rural Western Kansas survived only because of a collaborated community effort.



Windthorst's Stained Glass windows renovated
All of the colorful and stunning stained glass windows at the historical Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at Windthorst, Kansas are undergoing renovation this summer.

"We are very excited to restore these beautiful windows which are starting to deteriorate," said Susan Rueb, president of the board of directors of Windthorst Heritage Inc., which has begun the project.



Going Digital with the E-Team
Even in these days of Netflix, pay-per-view, Hulu and streaming video, people still want to go to the movies.

After all, what's more fun—seeing "The Three Stooges" by yourself on a home screen or in a darkened theater with a bunch of friends, digging into a tub of buttered popcorn?

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. That's a rhetorical question.



A Man Remembers
Growing up in Lubbock, Texas before the civil rights movement, Richard Mason moved from place to place as his sharecropper father tried to support the family. He attended all-black schools. And he contended with the difficulties presented by Jim Crow laws designed to keep races separate, laws enforced with special rigor in east Texas. Even so, the longtime Liberal resident looks back on his formative years and sees the positive.



Working Together in Minneola, a Small Town with BIG PRIDE!
As the United States' economy begins its rebound after a long slump, stories of success, teamwork, and optimism replace some of the more depressing reports we've been hearing in the news for the last several years. The story of Minneola, Kansas, population 745, according to the 2010 census report, is a positive and inspirational story.


Bob the Beagle

It's a dog-gone mess around here
The Bobmiester is a lot like me. If nothing else, we are set in our ways and not at all happy when anything around the house or the yard is topsy-turvy. Both of us are learning to cope with only a minimum of whining as things at our house have not been normal for awhile now.



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