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Winter 2010

Kitchen Comfort


By Kris Hughes

I came up with this recipe after thanksgiving because of two reasons.

I frequently get distracted and overcook my spare ribs. I had thanksgiving turkey brining mix left over.

Tada! Inspiration struck! Or maybe it was indigestion? Oh well, I’m calling it inspiration, that’s the fun of having your own food column right? Right?

Anyway, I thought that maybe my constantly neglected spare ribs would benefit from a little brining so they would start out with a little more moisture and be less likely to dry out on the grill while I was inside doing god knows what…

Well guess what? It worked! And here it is folks.


Brined Pork Ribs

2 packages Pork spare ribs
3 tablespoons Turkey brining mix (if you don’t own any brining mix you can go online and find a multitude of recipes with ingredients you probably already own.)
1-2 tsp of Cajun seasoning and black pepper to taste
Your favorite barbeque sauce

Take your ribs and put them in a resealable bag with the turkey brine mix and enough water to completely cover the meat.

Put it in your fridge for 8 to 12 hours turning occasionally. Important! DO turn them or the ones on the bottom will be too salty!

After you finish brining them give them a good wash and sprinkle them lightly with the Cajun seasoning. Don’t go crazy with it because the pork already has some salt on them from the brine!

Grill them on medium heat for 25 to 35 minutes or they feel firm when you poke them. ( yes, that’s really how I check to see if they are done.)

Then brush on your favorite barbeque sauce and let them cook just long enough to warm the sauce up. The end result will be lovely moist pork ribs that have an excellent flavor and stand up to a little grilling neglect. Because the chef was inside talking, again. Enjoy!


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