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The Legend Magazine

Winter 2010


Irma’s packs home cooking in a
brown paper bag

At 4:30 a.m., the streets of Liberal are wrapped in purple shadow, houses dark and traffic thin: folks are still asleep.

But at Irma’s Mexican Cafe, 6 E. Hickory, the lights are on.


Fromme-Birney Round Barn
It cost $8,000 to build, almost $100,000 to restore and is priceless.
It is the Fromme-Birney Round Barn in Kiowa County south of Mullinville, a creation of William D. “Pat” Campbell IV, a cabinet-maker and carpenter, many of whose buildings still dot the county.


Kansas Memory: Preserving Our Past
with Technology of Today
When I was a little girl, one of my favorite winter quiet-time activities was looking through our family collection of old photographs: stark black and whites of my grandparents standing in front of a house I barely recognized as the one I would come to know several remodeling jobs later; a hand-tinted photo of my father as a little boy, wearing denim overalls and posing in an alfalfa field; faded Kodak color pictures of my sister and me in our Easter dresses, squinting into the sun.


Farming Jacks
Before the late 1940s, when Dighton residents went out-of-town and told others where they were from, the response would likely have been: “Oh, that is the home of the Hineman Jack Farm.” In 2009, probably only the elder Dighton residents would know of that farm and few, if any, other Kansans had heard of it.


Honor Flight Vets visit Washington, D.C. Memorial
Liberal resident Jack Yowell keeps up with war news — World War II news, that is. A Navy veteran who served in the Pacific theatre, Yowell scans the American Legion newspaper he receives each month for fellow servicemen who fought in the “war to end all wars.” Sometimes he loses count. According to statistics from the Honor Flight organization, around 1,000 WWII vets die in the United States every day.


Celia Pineiro: a woman loved by many
Celia Pineiro has meant so much to the many readers of her articles and columns in La Estrella and in the Dodge City Daily Globe newspaper for the past 19 years.


More Life with Bob the Beagle
Bi-Lingual Bob
We were astonished to learn early on that Bobby comprendes Español. Our good friend to whom English is a second language visits our home on a regular basis. Bob, who is always glad to see her, really cranks up the volume as he welcomes her into our home with unrestrained enthusiasm. You can’t hear yourself think when Bob dials up the volume on his beagle bugle. As I am about to issue an often ignored command for the howling hound to SHUT-UP, our friend tells Bob something is Spanish. Unbelievably he immediately sits down and actually shuts-up. A Marine Corp Boot couldn’t have complied with the order quicker.


Kitchen Comforts
Brined Pork Spare Ribs



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