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The Legend Magazine

Winter 2012


Young family pioneers with jerky, coffee shop
J.R. and Christi Doney inhabit a 21st-century life: college-educated, professional people with Internet access, they connect easily to the wider world beyond the high plains of Southwest Kansas.



Life Hunt for deer brings adventure to sick boys
Children who are terminally ill often suffer pain, isolation from peers, and fear of the future, but a program called Life Hunt has brought new excitement and adventure into their lives.



Re-Born, Re-Presented History
Jim Crawley couldn't be happier in his new job.
After all, it isn't every workplace that comes with its own soda fountain.
The fact that he has but to walk a few yards to have a banana split or a chocolate malt is definitely a perk, but not the main reason for his job satisfaction.


Bob the Beagle

Must have been the Cookie Monster
It is always a treat when the oldest granddaughter spends the weekend at our house. The visits are made even more special when she decides to bake cookies. Few things help make a house a home more than the smell of baking cookies or pies. Bob and I are always up for anything baked and while the aroma emanating from the kitchen is nice, we are much more interested in the finished product. Fresh baked cookies, he and I can eat them as fast as they come out of the oven. Which always raises the question, "What happened to all those cookies?" Gee, I wonder! Can we get back to you on that?


Eggcellent Breakfasts
I promised you folks egg recipes and here they are. I really enjoy these recipes because they can be used so creatively and its a great way to clean up all those bits and pieces from the fridge. It is also GREAT for when company comes and you need something quick and hardy. The gooey egg yolk and the bread make for a wonderful breakfast that is a little off the beaten path but still has a down home feel to it. Feel free to mix and match ingredients and have a little fun with this one.



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