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The Legend Magazine

Winter 2014


Depot Theater Expands Culinary Offerings
The Depot Theater Company has spent the past three decades establishing itself as one of the premiere dinner theaters in the Midwest. Now they're looking to grow.



Broken Glass
More than six years after the great tornado that nearly obliterated it, Greensburg continues to spark curiosity nationally and internationally, attracting visitors from places as varied as Walt Disney World in Florida to Moldova, a small nation in Eastern Europe that once was part of the former Soviet Union.



House a repository of local history
If houses could talk, this one would say, "There you are! I've been waiting."

It might whisper, "Don't be intimidated by my grand size. That just means there's enough room for everyone who wants to stop by."

For those who are listening, "I'm 105 years old, you know. Would you like to hear a story? I have so many to tell."



Marshall Allen Bailey: Master of Many Trades
We've all heard the expression, "Jack of all trades; master of none," but what happens when, with a lot of hard work and a bit of good luck, you find yourself "master of many"? That seems to be the case with Allen Bailey, historian, musician, artist, radio personality, and spokesman for Dodge City.



A man whose job is Monster Storms
He was only a little boy when Tim Burke, lead meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Dodge City for 17 years, had his first experience with a tornado.

"When I was a kid about seven years old, living in Gary, Indiana, I fell asleep on the couch in our trailer living room," he recalled.


Bob the Beagle

Facebook Bob
Ah, Facebook, the social media that enables the art of making friends from anywhere in the world without going through the hassle of actually meeting them. You can't imagine the wit and wisdom that is shared on facebook and yes, unfortunately, just the opposite is hard to imagine too. It is an excellent way to express your political and religious views only to be immediately "un-friended" by people you never really knew you were friends with in the first place, not to mention people your never knew – period. It truly is a brave new world out there, isn't it?


Gina's Kitchen

White Lasagna and White Coconut Pie



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