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About The Legend

The Legend Magazine is a celebration of life in Southwest Kansas. Published quarterly, each issue of The Legend highlights the interesting and exciting in Southwest Kansas: the people, the places, the events.

Publisher Sonya Hughes on what makes The Legend so unique:

"I love quilts. I can look at them forever. Even those which are so familiar continue to be a source of discovery and enjoyment. Just like the prairie— as comfortable to wrap around myself as any of those quilts.

"The patchwork prairie is fascinating to me because it looks so unremarkable and beholds so much. But then, that's Southwest Kansas— the appearance of the ordinary while harboring the extraordinary.

"'It's the people.' We've all said it. And it's true. A cursory look and you won't notice. . . but upon closer inspection, you'll find many treasures. That's why we're here. We know its everywhere, and we want to show it off a little. We're proud of our communities, our region, and will use every opportunity to share it with our readers.

"When I began to go around this 23-county area and meet people who wanted to be involved in the magazine, I heard many stories and saw and learned so much. I knew this was going to be an exciting endeavor. From the beginning, I met talented, dedicated, and committed people. You'll meet these people too, as they appear on our pages either in the role of storyteller or subject. You'll be warmed by humanity at its best. Your eyes, too, will see the sweeter side of life when you realize you are surrounded by just the kind of people the world needs most. We are among the lucky ones, to live among the folks who are the very heart of this great land.

"We are an advertiser-paid publication. That means they pay for these pages. They chose to participate because they also believe in our Southwest Kansas community and its future. They represent not only the believers, but are the ones who actively participate in moving all of us forward with their daily investments in their businesses, their employees and their communities. They are the true architects of where we live.

"We hope you enjoy this publication. We want to hear from you- what you like, what you want to see more of, even what you didn't like. E-mail me. Send us your stories, your ideas and your photographs. If they involve Southwest Kansas, we want to hear about them."

Discover the hidden treasures of Southwest Kansas with each issue of The Legend Magazine. The magazine is published four times annually and is available free of charge through advertisers and public locations throughout Southwest Kansas. To find a distribution location near you, click here.

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